Sunday, August 10, 2008

Red card to queenstown

i took my flatties on a road trip to queenstown for my red card. a red card is something each person in the flat has at the start of the year and it allows them for one night to make the whole flat do whatever that person chooses. I pulled miine in the weekend and suprised the flat by taking them away and staying at steph's parents place for the night. They had tasks to do on the way and drinks to be drunk, was an awesome weeked, thanks to the Youngs for having us and cheers girlies for the wicked weekend!! good times:-)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

more photos


The Mother of all blogs!!

Time for a big catchup blog. Since tramping I have had uni, exams for uni and then holidays. Exams went okay, got Bs which isn't too bad. Aiming for the As this semester. Over the holidays Hamish and I headed up North. We couldn't believe how much warmer it was up there, we got off the plane in ts and shorts and met dad who was all rugged up...we couldn't help but laugh. Everyone at the airport looked like they thought snow was on its way!! us southerns thought it was summer! We spent a night in tga and then headed up to hamishes grans in hahei. Hahei is such a mint place, really small little town on the sea. We spent a week there hanging with hamy's gran and exploring. Pity the weather wasn't the flashest and everytime we went out we came back drenched. Not to worry tho, it was all good fun!!! we went around to Hot water beach three times to try and build our pool in the hot water but everytime the tide was either too far in or at low tide there was still a huge swell coming in so we had to settle with warm feet instead! It was good fun tho and def something to do when up the coromandel. We also did a day trip up to see the coromandel town which was pretty cool. Had a yum lunch there and saw heaps of little beachy towns on the way back to Hahei.After leaving Hahei we came back to tga for a few days, caught up with mum and dad and my friends form back home and then headed to the bach for a few days. The bach was great and katherine and hamy's cuzzie also joined us. We headed out on the boat one day and went for a ski....jez it was freeeeeeeeeeezing!! we had a well deserved hot swim afterwards!! after the bach we headed home for a few days before flying out back to chch. Was pretty cool in chch because it snowed!!! at Hamishs flat it had a wee bit so we headed up to the POrt hills with all our gear hoping to have a wee ski down some slope. This didn't quite happen, we weren't even allowed up the Port hills the snow was that bad, so we ended up having a big snowfight, I def lost!!! Now back in dunas for semester 2. Have had reOweek this week, lots of partying and good times. Will be right into the study next week tho. Having a blast:-)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Uni, tramping with ma and pa

Life in Dunedin is going well. Getting pretty cold down here now tho, hopefully we get some snow soon! The flat is going well, slightly chilly on the freezing days but I'm surviving! Over midsemester break mum and dad came down to dunedin and we heading to queenstown to start the amazing tramp the Routeburn, the weather wasn't looking too good and on the drive we had snow dropping! We thought we were going to be relaxing in a nice hotel in queenstown for the 5 days instead of treking through the bush but low and behold the weather turned into a mint day and we were off! The tramp was awesome, we had perfect weather for 4 out of the 5 days and got heaps of amazing photos and had a great time!! We were all pretty buggered by the end of it and after a fun jetboat back to the start and a delicous cookie at a cute little cafe we headed back to Dunedin. Mum and dad flew out the next morning at 530am so it was a pretty fullon holiday but one to remember!! cheers mum and dad, will have to do it again! exams are starting this week so my life is pretty boring at the moment with nothing exciting except study, study and more study. All will be finished in 2 weeks tho and then its holiday time, wohoo!!! can't wait, I'm heading back home and up to the coromandel for a few days so going to be fun times and hopefully lots warmer than down here. I'll chuck up some photos from the tramp:-)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

more photos

me and the flatties
me going swimming in a random was FREEZING!!!!!

UNI 08

well i think it's time I put up some photos of my super cool flatmates and a few other things. I've just been cruisying, doing uni and partying at the mo, pretty sweet i must say! ma and pa are coming down next week to do the routeburn tramp so im looking foward to that! Winter is arriving super quickly, hpe my little flat survives the cold:-) have a good one, peace:-)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

more pics


Summer has been and gone and it was pretty mint. Since my back was still a bit sore and healing after my wee episode at the end of uni last year summer was pretty cruisy. I worked for mum and dad doing odd jobs, trying not too put too much pressure on my back, so i earned a few bucks while at the same time I had a chance to catch up with all my buds from home and also go on a few holidays which was good fun. We had chrissy at the bach, was a great day and cool hanging with the fam. Our pressie from mum was a helicopter trip to White island. It was soooo cool!!! we got to wear masks and walk around on a live active volcano. I spent new years in gizzy at r n v, was pretty fun, little bit of rain but was cool hanging with my mates. After that Hamish and I went around the east cape camping for a few days. It was super cool and we found some mint campsites!Dad and I also managed to fit in time to go trek up tongario, we had both been wanting to do it for ages and it was sooo worth it. Hard work but awesome! I'm back at uni now, studying a sci degree in human nutrition, its pretty fullon but really interesting so I'm enjoying it so far! sweet ill chuck up some photos

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Well summer is well upon us and I'm enjoying being back up home! I've been spending time at home and at the bach. Had a pretty fun weekend over there with Kate and SAlly. Had a few minor troubles with the boat at the beginning of our trip but with the help of a few lovely boys, Sam and Louie, we got it up and running and had a couple of mint days skiing and wakeboarding. I couldn't resist the glassy water and went for a ski. Not my brightest idea with my back but I thought it would be sweet. Not so good when I fell off! Back wasn't the happiest after that! Now after another month of physio and doctor visits it is starting to get better but I haven't been able to paddle or run, pretty much all I've been doing is swimming and I'm holding out for some good excerise! WE are off the the bach for christmas and I'm heading to Gizzy with a bunch of friends for New YEars, I can't wait!! Merry Christmas!! HOpe santa brings you treats!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Semester 2!

well, it has been awhile since i ventured onto my blog! I have now finished my first year at Uni! I am no longer a health sci wohoo! for all of you ex health scis you will understand my excitement! This year has been pretty full on with Uni as I was trying to get into Med school. With 2000 students (pretty much all of them going for med) about 180 get into Med so its pretty tough, i didn't quite make the cut this year, but I am going to keep on with a science degree and try again after I finish my science degree.
This semester was pretty fun with no uni stuff! Lou, Brooke, Hamish and two of his mates and me went to this hut in the middle of nowhere for a weekend. It was super fun hanging out, learning how to motorbike, learning how to shoot cans (better than the boys I must add!!), having a few quiets and just chilling! It was pretty funny just getting to the hut, It was us three girls in the truck, with me driving whilst the boys went motorbiking and met us later and yup we got lost!!! ...and maybe ended up going into a ditch once to!!mmm luckily I was able to somehow not get the truck stuck and we continued on our merry way!! Was a wicked weekend, cheers to Hamish for organising it:-)
My last semester at Arana was pretty fun too, with a few events like the Formal dinner, was pretty cool looking back on the year, seeing how much we had changed and all the friends we had made! I will chuck some pics up soon! I also got a day up the snow with hamish, it was a mint day and we had our race finally and yes you guessed it...i took it out!! haha, was a pretty close match I must admit!!
Now im back in tauranga for the summer. I'm just working and training for the Oceania champs in aus in March, pretty gutted coz i fractured my back and have been out of paddling for the last month but Im coming right so hopefully I can start paddling again soon, i may be going a little mad!!! saweet, heres some photos XO